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Supporting  diabetes management in care homes

Quic has been funded by Innovate UK to develop a digital care planning framework to support better management of diabetes  in care  homes by:

  • supplying guidance to care home staff

  • enabling  effective collaboration with clinicians

  • helping to prevent complications

  • reducing hospital admissions

  • supporting advance care planning

We are pleased to report that we are currently recruiting care homes in Manchester to help us to pilot our Quic diabetes care planning framework.  

Image by Hugo  Barbosa

Guidance at your fingertips


Clinical Governance

The Quic Diabetes Framework is based on the National Advisory Panel for Care Homes Diabetes  (NAPCHD) guidelines.  Professor Alan Sinclair, the NAPCHD chair, supports our aims and is a member of our Advisory Board.

All additional resources  are based on the latest national guidelines to ensure that users are supported to follow currently recognised best practice.


Our vision is to connect Quic to the wider MDT via bi-directional interoperability.  This will overcome the current barriers to sharing data and information, and empower people with diabetes to be fully involved in their care and treatment plans.

We believe that people living in care homes should have the same opportunity of benefiting from advances in digital technology as those living in their own homes.

Joining up Diabetes Care  in Care Homes

Quic has received funding from Innovate UK to develop software which will support better management of diabetes in care  homes.  Our software is based on the National Advisory Panel for Care Homes Diabetes (NAPCHD) guidelines and the Chair of NAPCHD, Professor Alan Sinclair, shares our vision and is on our Advisory Panel. 


Collaboration with the wider health and care system is key to achieving excellence in the  management of any long term condition.  In order to achieve this we will be working in partnership with a range of stakeholders to ensure that integration is at the heart of the Quic system.  People with diabetes in care homes, and their care teams,  will be supported by the availability of digital protocols, tools and communication systems to inform an individual's health status,  and for personal wishes to be recorded and shared with the multidisciplinary team.

Please click on the areas above to learn more about how this will be achieved and the benefits that you could derive.

If you wish to collaborate with us during the design process, or engage in a proof of concept, we would love to hear from  you.   

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