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Sandra Baughan is the founder and CEO of Quic.

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Sandra has worked in the health and social care sector for over 30 years, initially qualifying as a nurse.   When working as the Specialist Nurse for Care Homes in Islington, she first became interested in how digital technology can be used as an enabler to support person centred care.  A few years later, she developed interests in how bidirectional interoperability between health and care systems could be harnessed to achieve true integration of care.  Sandra has now established a strategic partnership with Andrew Hudson, CEO of BetterTrack, and we are working together to share our vision for true integration of the health and care system.  Sandra has worked as both a home manager and an Independent Prescriber in GP practice and she is keen  to advocate for the wider system,  elevate the voice of front-line care and establish partnership working between care home teams and all the other stakeholders who contribute to excellence in care.



You can email Sandra directly at

Working in partnership with all sectors of the health and care system is essential to our vision and we welcome new opportunities for collaboration.

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