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The Quic diabetes framework:  benefits for clinicians

How we support the Multidisciplinary Team

MDT support

The Quic Diabetes Framework supports MDT activity by:

  • providing effective messaging between care homes and MDT

  • supporting remote monitoring for diabetes (and other long term conditions in the future)

  • prompting reviews as they become due

  • facilitating referrals when necessary

  • capturing data for QOF outcomes

  • supporting engagement with ECHC framework


The Quic Diabetes Framework enables collaboration by:

  • proposed partnership with Patient Knows Best (PKB) to provide bidirectional data and information sharing

  • supporting Integrated Care Pathways

  • supporting advance care planning 

  • facilitating the sharing of the wishes of people in receipt of care e.g. ReSPECT forms.

Quality Assurance

The Quic Diabetes Framework supports robust Quality Assurance by:  

  • sharing best practice

  • built in audit cycles and action plans

  • incorporating national standards

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