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The Quic diabetes framework:  benefits for Care Homes

How we support care home teams

Care planning

The Quic Diabetes Framework supports excellence in person centred care planning by:

  • guiding staff to recognise individual needs of the person with diabetes

  • clearly linking diabetes related risk assessments to relevant sections of the diabetes care plan

  • alerting staff when actions are due

  • ensuring that collaboration with the person with diabetes, and/or their chosen representative, takes place during reviews

Risk reduction

The Quic Diabetes Framework contributes to risk reduction by:

  • ensuring that care home teams understand best practice and supporting them to achieve this

  • flagging up possible sub-optimal care as it arises

  • monitoring staff competency and alerting training needs as they become due

  • reducing the risk of adverse ratings from inspectors


The Quic Diabetes Framework supports continual reinforcement of training delivered to staff by:​

  • linking care plan sections to recognised guidance on current best practice

  • giving staff instant access to trustworthy resources 

  • sharing case studies of outstanding care

  • supporting Diabetes Champions

Quality assurance

The Quic Diabetes Framework supports Quality Assurance by:

  • the Quic software is designed to drive quality behaviour through a systematic approach which flags up any outstanding actions

  • Key Performance Indicators provide managers with information in real time which allows them to proactively monitor the performance of their organisation.

  • Quic is designed to meet all the requirements of regulators e.g CQC


The Quic Diabetes Framework supports effective  collaboration between health and care by:​

  • ensuring that care home teams are equipped with the knowledge to understand why information is required by the MDT.

  • providing a systematic approach to care delivery which supports good communication with clinicians

  • prompting actions as they become due

  • supporting referrals

Evidence of compliance

The Quic Diabetes Framework provides evidence of compliance by:

  • aligning to regulations and inspection practices e.g. CQC KLOES and Quality Statements

  • In England, mapping sections of the Framework to the CQC Quality Statements and supplying guidance on how evidence can be captured

  • researching changes in regulatory approaches and constantly updating the Quic software in to meet any new needs.

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